First Responder Friday with KLBC and Stuteville Chevrolet

First responders can be the difference between life and death. They’re our friends. They’re our family. They’re our community. They time and time again put everything they have into saving the lives of others, often putting themselves in danger in the process.
First responders are the heroes of the community, and KLBC is teaming up with Stuteville Chevrolet of Durant to say thank you to them! First Responder Friday is your opportunity to nominate a special person who has stood out to you. No reason is too small, and we want to hear from YOU! Nominate them below and every Friday, we’ll pick a first responder from the nominations and celebrate them on the air and visit them in person!

All of our local first responders deserve a thank you, so enter below to let us know who you’d like to hear on the air!